Text to Speech Software With Natural Voices

Text to speech software enables you to have text read out loud on a computer. Panopreter is an intuitive and easy to use text to speech software for Windows users. It reads any text aloud with natural voices, supports reading the text you selected in any other software windows and copied to the Windows clipboard. Moreover, it converts the text to mp3, wav, ogg and flac audio files, thus you can listen to the audio files with a portable media player device later at your convenience. The software runs locally on your computer, the text will not be sent over the Internet.

Text to Speech Extensions for Chrome and Firefox

The two extensions are optional components of the text to speech software Panopreter, they read the text out on the web pages opened in Chrome and Firefox web browsers, thus you don't need to stare at the screen or page. Steps to install the extensions.

Text to Speech Add-Ins for Internet Explorer and Microsoft Word

This software also includes text to speech and text to audio toolbars for Microsoft Word and Internet Explorer. The toolbars read the text on the Word document and web page aloud. With a click on the mouse button, you can convert the text to voice, or convert the text to audio files. Both toolbars are simple to use, the whole text will be read aloud if there is no text selected on the Word document or web page, otherwise, only the selected text will be read out loud.

Panopreter speaks using the default Microsoft text to speech voices pre-installed on the Windows operating systems. The latest Windows 10 comes with dozens of text to speech voices in different languages, you will get these speech synthesis voices by installing the corresponding language packs. Here are the details about the voices and steps to install the Windows language packs. On Windows 8 or 8.1, there are three text to speech voices available: Microsoft David (US male), Zira (US female) and Hazel (UK female). On Windows 7 and Vista, the text to speech voice is Microsoft Anna (US female). Besides these voices, a wide variety of languages, and voices produced by other companies are supported.

This text to speech software allows you to acquire, learn, interact, communicate, and exchange information in diverse ways, many people use it to process their daily digital information. Businesses, researches, educators, students, writers, language learners, and more users will benefit from the text to speech and text to mp3 features.

Panopreter is the best tool I've found for proofreading to catch errors and typos. I use it with everything from important emails to entire novels.
- Science fiction writer and translator Sue Burke

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