Obtain the Machine ID and Input It into the Order Form

The machine ID is available on Panopreter's About dialog. To show the dialog box, click on the software menu bar Help-->About. On the About dialog, click the Copy Machine ID button to copy it to the Windows clipboard, then paste it into the online order page either by pressing the keyboard short cut key Ctrl+V, or by clicking the right mouse button in the input field to show the context menu, and clicking Paste to paste the machine ID into the field on the order page.

In the following example, the machineID is 1055-3D6A-2B5E-A4EB-7C59-D61C-E300-F2AC.
First, click the Copy Machine ID button on the bottom to copy the code.

Panopreter About Dialog

Alternatively, on the Register dialog:

Enter Key Dialog

Open the order page in your web browser, paste the code into the Machine ID field by clicking Paste on the context menu or by pressing the short cut key Ctrl+V.

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