Steps to Use the Free Text-to-Speech Software Panopreter Basic

Panopreter Basic supports two types of speaking: the first is Read Batch Files and the second is Input and Speak, Input and Speak is the default type.

  1. First, select the speech mode by clicking on the corresponding radio button, i.e. the Read Batch Files or Input and Speak radio button.

  2. If you select the Read Batch Files mode, you can click the Open, Delete, and Clear buttons to arrange the files. Multiple files in the same language should be added into the file list window. If you select the Input and Speak mode, type or paste some text into the text window, or open a text file.

  3. Select language from the language list window. The language you select must be the same as that of the file or the text in the text window; otherwise, the speech will not be what you want to hear.

  4. After selecting the language, all text to speech voices installed on the computer for the selected language will appear in the voice window. You can select one of these voices. The highlighted one is recommended by the Windows operating system based on the comparisons of acoustic specifications.

  5. Click the Speak button to begin reading. The Pause, Resume, and Stop buttons will be enabled.

  6. If you want to convert the text or files into WAV and MP3 audio files, click the Save as Audio button. You need to ensure that the free space for saving audio files is large enough for this operation. Generally, one minute of speech needs approximately 3 MB of disk space.

You may also customize the operation by clicking the menu Option-->Settings.

You can also refer to the Panopreter Basic FAQ for more information.