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Buy Text to Speech Software Online

When you start to place an order, the hardware ID is one of the required fields on the order form. It is an unique alphanumeric code based on your system's hardware. It should be the hardware ID of the computer on which you will activate and run Panopreter. If you input the hardware ID of another computer, the activation will not succeed on your computer. Here are the details about how to obtain the hardware ID and input it into the order page.

Panopreter costs $32.95, it is one-time purchase, not recurring monthly or yearly subscription fee. It is sold online by FastSpring and BMT Micro.

As a registered user, you can upgrade to any future releases free of charge, and get free technical support.


Buy Panopreter 64-bit at FastSpring
BMT Micro
Buy Panopreter 32-bit at FastSpring
BMT Micro


Activation: You will receive the license information on the Order-Complete page after ordering, which will also be sent to you by email. To activate the software, click the menu Help-->Register Product on the software, and on the Enter Key dialog box that pops-up, manually input the name and license (copy and paste recommended).