Text to Speech Freeware

Panopreter Basic is a text to speech and text to mp3 freeware program with the following features:
  • Reads txt files, rft files, web pages, and Microsoft Word documents.
  • Reads the characters, words, phrases, or articles that you input in the window.
  • Creates audio files in wav and mp3 formats, and supports batch file conversion.
  • Highlights the word or sentence being read.
  • Allows users to adjust voice speed and volume.
  • Plays music when it finishes reading the text.
  • Supports a wide variety of languages and voices.
  • Includes English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese Simplified as user interface languages.

Panopreter Basic is compatible with Microsoft SAPI 5 (Speech Application Program Interface) or later text to speech voice engines.

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